U.S. Electricity Markets changing Day-Ahead market timings

On September 29th the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) changed their Day-Ahead Market submission deadline to 09:30 am CPT for the Operating Day October 1st.  The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) will change their Day-Ahead deadline to 10:30 EPT on November 5 for the operating Day November 6.  These changes are being made to more closely align the U.S. electricity markets with changes to the U.S. natural gas markets contained in FERC Order 809.  See the link below to the FERC order.

PSI with it’s Energy Communication and Operations Hub (ECOH) product has an Offer Management module that allows unique modeling of each plant and seamless submission of Day-Ahead Energy and Ancillary Service offers into the ISO/RTO portals.  Day-Ahead market awards are automatically returned to the plant Operator and Energy Trader/Manager when the market clears through the ECOH system.

 Please give PSI a call at (281) 310-5602 to learn more about our ECOH product.

FERC Order 809

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